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How To Open a C&P SIPP

Information documents

It is important to read the Key Features Document and understand the charges before completing your application.

  • C&P SIPP Key Features
  • C&P SIPP Charges Schedule
  • Pension Scam Leaflet

C&P SIPP opening forms

The following forms and documents are required via post to open a C&P SIPP and are available in our Literature Section:

  • Application check list - this enables you to provide everything we need to open a C&P SIPP.
  • Application form - this provides all the relevant information we need.
  • RBS Application form - this is needed to open an individual SIPP Trustee Bank Account.
  • Transfer form - this is required for each proposed transfer.
  • Identification Documents - original or certified copies of your passport or driving licence and a recent utility bill are required.

There are a number of additional forms which can be used to change information already given to us such as Beneficiaries, Investment Managers or IFA's.

You can add transfers into your C&P SIPP at a later date by completing a transfer form.

If you want to start making contributions or taking your benefits the relevant forms for this are also available in our literature section.

If you would like to receive printed copies of any of our literature please contact us.

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