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We are happy to work through IFA's and would be pleased to provide you with further information on the C&P SIPP including printed literature for use with clients.

The C&P SIPP has been designed to accept all HMRC permitted investments including commercial property, and to be a cost-effective way to save for retirement.

We offer the full range of retirement options under Flexi Access Drawdown, Uncrystallisd Funds Lump Sum and Capped Drawdown for those already in drawdown.

We will accept applications for clients over age 75 provided they are not making contributions.

We do not have minimum investment levels, as long as the fund and/or contributions are sufficient to support the scheme charges.

Subject to your client's agreement, we can deduct your commission and charges from your client's SIPP account for remittance to you. We do not limit the amount that you can charge although we may require further clarification from you if the charges appear excessive.

All correspondence relating to the C&P SIPP will be forwarded to your client through you.

We will need to have a signed Adviser Agreement in place before we start to accept business from you.

If you have any queries about the C&P SIPP please contact us.

Email: info@candpsipp.co.uk or Tel: 01305 898433.

Related forms to download:

PDF Icon - C&P SIPP Adviser Agreement

PDF Icon - C&P SIPP Change Appointment of Adviser Form


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